rainbow chard

We are fortunate to have a wonderful, monthly farmers’ market close to us. We try to get there every month … and consider it a successful outing if we manage to come home with a few little gems and only a small bag of macarons.

This month I was amazed to see the most stunning rainbow chard for sale from a local pick-your-own producer and farm shop.

Surbiton_Farmers_Mkt 160416 (23 of 23)-Edit

How absolutely stunning!


blog launch

This blog/ project has been bubbling away in my head for a little while now, waiting patiently for the right moment to pounce. So here it is – embryonic, not quite fully formed but with lots of potential.

As I mentioned in my Home page blurb, cooking and experimenting with flavours has long been a passion for me. Actually, I’m one of those people who finds cooking to be a Zen-like experience (most of the time!). Cooking and ironing – of any household jobs I’m happiest with them.

I often find myself with no idea what’s for dinner at 4pm … I’ve tried to be one of those organised people with a weekly menu planner and associated shopping list, but it simply doesn’t work for me. I need to have a sense of the sorts of flavours and/ or textures that I want to eat and that will then govern what is for dinner. I must be luckier than I realise to have a family that allows me to indulge in this way and happily eats what I feel like cooking!

However with our move to the UK from Australia a decade ago, my method and style of cooking has evolved. I feel like I’ve lost my finesse with South-East Asian spices somewhat, but that I have gained a more than compensatory amount in an appreciation for the joys of seasonal cooking and eating, and a greater understanding of the nuances of European flavours and ingredients.

Part of this is due to the UK typically experiencing clearly defined seasons, with local foods being very definitely seasonal as a result. It is also partly due to the wider appreciation of the importance of locally sourced, seasonal produce. Finally it is also due to my focus on food photography for my business. It’s far more pleasant to photograph beautiful, luscious, ripe produce – and that’s when it’s in season!

And so, to my intentions for this blog/ project.

I will be charting the seasons here in south-east England through recipes and photographs of the best seasonal produce.  All the images will be mine, as will be many of the recipes. Although where I have drawn clear inspiration from another author I will always let you know.

If you ever have any questions or comments, please let me know either through making a comment on the relevant post, or through the contact form on this blog.