I am embarking on a journey through the seasons – exploring nature’s bounty as a way of connecting into life, and helping my family to experience the joy of food at it’s best.

Seasonal eating has not always been my philosophy. However moving through the phases of life to where I am now has led me here. I have, however, always loved flavours. At the age of about fifteen I quite unapologetically conducted a ‘kitchen coup’ as I wanted to start exploring flavours and learning how to cook. I think my mum was rather relieved actually – she didn’t put up much resistance! And so from fifteen until I left home, the family kitchen was my domain … and now with a young family of my own, it is my pleasure and privilege to share my enjoyment of flavours and cooking with my children.

What has brought me to follow the seasons with my cooking was, in the main, a relocation from Sydney, Australia to London, England. Growing up in Sydney was wonderful in many ways, but one thing it did lack was a true distinction in

strawberry wave
is there anything as amazing as strawberries at the height of the summer?

between the seasons in a ‘produce’ sense. Living in London with the (reasonably) clearly defined seasons has shown me the joy to be had in adapting the food on your plate to the time of year.

Added to this is our increasing awareness generally of the need to support our local producers by sourcing and buying our food stuffs as locally as possible … which naturally leads to buying and cooking what is in season at any given time.

Finally, this also dovetails perfectly with my work as a food and product photographer. The most pleasing  images will come from using the best subject matter – and food that is in season, at its ripest, most colourful certainly qualifies.

So, to this little project. A documentation of my journey through the seasons in recipes, articles and imagery. I hope that you will join me and enjoy what we find.